(Release date June 01, 2017)





'Melancholy' 2016.

Inspired by life in between reaityl and a dreams, words and lovers of art. 

In the world full of noises, full of everyday novelties, how terrifying is our loneliness.

woman's love
'Woman's Love' 2015.

Inspired by my mother, my grandmothers, my daughters, women of the world.

Embrace my soul, as that is where the secret of woman's love live, thrive, and wander.

At the beach
'At the Beach' 2014.

Inspired by simple moments in life that we share and dream. 

A breeze to mess up my curls, a sun to kiss my freckles and waves to play with my skin. Life at the beach is like falling in love again.

a conversation

'Conversation' 2012.

Inspired by my dad, childhood and missing conversations. 

Every Sunday I withdraw myself from the world and live in the past, in my head the conversation never stopped, and we are all together.



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