A Woman

I lay aching
in my bed of dreams
a woman of many skills
lover of the darkness
warrior of the light
holding in my fingers
a passion
a fire
I am a keeper
of the memories
I am the one
that makes you weep
I walk free
I am stronger
then you think
In my fragility
you find desire
In my curls
you find the wind
In my lips
you find the secrets
In my embrace
you find peace
In between my thighs
you find lust
In my mind
you find words
In my heart
you find love
In my soul
you find the woman


Woman's Love

You never asked me
what moves me
what makes my skin shiver
what rhythm keeps my heart
Are the secrets hidden
behind the eyes
Do I keep the time
in my hands
Does passion comes
from my dreams
Or is it my soul that is the keeper
Of the woman's love
Do i know of laughter
Or my tears taste of sorrow
Does love lives in my breasts
That nursed my children
Or in my fingertips
When I caress my 88 keys
Is there a whole Universe
meant for you
When i spread
My arms
My legs
When my back arches
Two flames
aching for the release
Woman's love lives
in shadows
In darkness
It crawls out
In the sleepless nights
it burns like a fire
It shakes the earth
And shatters the
And when I
whisper last
And my body
Becomes Ashes
Scattered along
My beach
My love will keep
You forever
From falling apart~



I am insatiable for the air
ocean and forest
the way sand goes
through my toes
I am insatiable
for people of all genders
I am insatiable
for letters
numbers and musical notes
stars, sun and a moon
I am insatiable
for kindness
honesty, tenderness
I am insatiable
for justice
freedom and human rights
protection of mother Earth
I am insatiable
for your mind
your heart, soul
touch of your fingers
your lips
the way you
rock my hips
and build my desire
till the release
I am insatiable
for love
I am insatiable
for dreams
I am insatiable
for living~



Come to me
in the dark
like a whisper
a wind
come when
curtains fall down
and applause is
only an echo from my dreams
come like a shadow
at the doorway
of our ache
come closer
breathe me in
come wild
open to me
come softly
as my touch
is missing you
come and make
me understand
why love came so
just come




Kiss me, she whispered
Kiss me with your gypsy eyes
Kiss me with your words
Kiss me with your lips
Your lips
Such sorcery
Your lips make me tremble
Your lips make me ache
Kiss me with your hands
Let them explore
Show me what sleepless nights mean
Show me what is behind the walls
Show me where you throb
Taste my secrets
Taste my pulse
Taste the constellations on my back
Taste my dreams, my nightmares
Go lower for a taste more satiating
Maddening taste of love
Seduce me with your ways
Make me hungry for more
Make me sigh
Make me moan
Make me yours
You think I fallen too soon
Too fast
Too much
But Baby,
I never fall
I fly



There it is
the beast is staring at me
I lightly touched
the ivories
like they are made of
an eggshell
the touch of your skin
my heavy breasts
pulling me into
embrace of
I surrender
to its power
like I would
surrender to a lover
hips rocking
as music is parting
my legs
I push deeper
feeling the tingling
knowing you are
and always will be
my impure thoughts
crescendo overwhelms me
I moan into this spring



Feel Me

They all want me naked
under the piano
to succumb to their fantasy
of a woman in red dress
Not seeing that underneath
is my heartbeat
my dreams
my hopes
To kiss slower
to make time
last longer
to prolong
the pleasure of living
And my whispers
lost in their need
And my moans
lost in the wind
Tangled in blue
I wait for you
in darkness
You can't tame me
You can't have me
unless you feel me